LuvLap Baby Sippy Cup 300ml

LuvLap Baby Sippy Cup 300ml India (Reviews)

LuvLap Baby Sippy Cup 300ml

About this item

  • Soft silicone straw is gentle on baby’s teeth
  • Spill-proof straw design
  • Easy grip, detachable handles
  • BPA free, non-toxic, food-grade
  • Sterilizable and dishwasher safe


LuvLap Baby Sippy Cup 300ml

Attractive Baby Sippy Cup in various designs and colours. Made of non-toxic BPA-free plastic and soft silicone. Silicone straw helps build oral strength. Ergonomically designed, easy to hold the baby and drink juice.

  • Sterilizable and dishwasher are safe.
  • Easy-grip and detachable handles.
  • Spill and leakproof.
  • Good colour and cup design.
  • Good Quality Plastic.
  • Unable to see the water level.

LuvLap Baby Sippy Cup Features

Design: The design of this sippy cup is made using good plastic. LuvLap Sippy Cup is made from non-toxic BPA free plastic. This product comes in three colours (green, orange and purple).

The capacity of the LuvLap Sippy Cup is 300 ml. The best feature of the LuvLap Sippy Cup product is the spill-proof straw design. The Sipper is ergonomically designed, so very easy to hold and drink.

LuvLap Baby Sippy Cup is leakage free and there is no spill. One of the disadvantages of this product is the inability to see the water level because the cup is non-transparent.

Straw: The soft silicone straw of LuvLap  Sippy Cup does not cause any damage to the baby’s teeth or mouth. This zipper is sterilized, and the dishwasher is safe.

Handle: The LuvLap Baby Sippy Cup handle is detachable, so you can remove or add a handle at any time. A simple-grip handle is very helpful for a baby to drink water.


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