Luvlap Baby Car Seat India for 0 to 15 Months Baby

Luvlap Baby Car Seat India for 0 to 15 Months Baby

Luvlap Baby Car Seat India for 0 to 15 Months Baby

  • 4-in-1 features: Can be used as a Car seat, Carry Cot, Rocker & Feeding Chair Easy one-pull harness system.
  • Tighten or loosen the safety belts with just a pull and get your baby in and out of the car easily.
  • 5 point safety harness secures your child from shoulders, waist & crotch.
  • Soft & Deep Padding on Harness.
  • Head & Seat ensures optimum safety.
  • 3 position Height-adjustable headrest & harness.
  • Adjustable sunlight-protection Canopy Removable & Washable seat cover.
  • Infant Car Seats require Rearward facing installation.


Luvlap Baby Car Seat India for 0 to 15 Months Baby

Luvlap Baby Car Seat India: Travelling long distances by car with your child can be stressful. But if you have the right car seat you can take the child on a trip to the car. Which will give your young child a comfortable ride. Parents should make the safety of the child a top priority whenever travelling by car. If you place your child in the Luvlap Baby Car Seat, it will ensure that the child travels safely and comfortably in the car seat.

The Luvlap baby car seat has comfortable structures that take your child on a journey through the city streets and alleys. Made in such a way that your baby is always comfortable. Car seat products made using the latest wonders of science are carefully checked for multiple quality before they are shipped to stores.

Luvlap Baby Car Seat can be used in four ways: car seat, carry a coat, rocker and feeding chair. The seat cover of this baby car seat is removable and washable.

Luvlap Baby Car Seat India features

Age and ability: Baby Car Seat is best for a baby from 0 to 15 months. It can lift weights to 13 kilograms.

EN certificate: Certified ECER44 / 04 ensures seat safety according to European safety standards.

Safety: The Luvlap Baby Car Seat comes with 5-point safety buckles. Which keeps your baby safe by fitting buckles with safety belts around your shoulders and waist.

Adjust 3 level heights: The height of the headrest and harness can be adjusted up to 3 levels according to the height of the child.

Soft upholstered seat: In Baby Car Seat, the cushion made of soft fabric relaxes your baby’s body. As well as adjustable upholstered seats give the baby extra comfort.

  • Certified as Per European Safety.
  • 5 point safety harness.
  • 3 position height adjustable.
  • Removable & Washable seat cover.
  • Adjustable sunlight-protection Canopy.
  • A little small for a healthy baby.

Conclusion: The Luvlap Baby Car Seat India article has all kinds of features for a safe and comfortable ride for the baby in the car seat we have chosen. If you want to buy the best baby car seat then you must first choose Luvlap Baby Car Seat.

Why is car seat safety important?

A car seat is essential to prevent car crash injuries in children. Motor vehicle injuries are the leading cause of death in children in the United States. Always keep children in age-appropriate and size-appropriate car seats, booster seats, and seat belts to prevent serious and fatal injuries to the child.

Is the car seat safe for a newborn?

Always put your baby in the child safety car seat on the back of your car. A child riding in the front seat with a front airbag can cause fatal injury to a child while travelling. Make sure the shoulder straps are on or below your baby’s shoulders.

In which corner should the child’s car seat be?

The rear surface of the child car seat should be angular to about 45 degrees for the newborn, and can be adjusted in an upright position as little as 30 degrees as the baby grows.

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