Top 5 Best Baby Strollers In India 2022

Top 5 Best Baby Strollers In India 2022

Best Baby Strollers In India: After getting a new member of the family, there is so much to-do list, one of them is finding a good baby stroller. Strollers are very helpful for navigating the life of a newborn. It is a lot easier to get outside of a house with a baby for a walk with stroller help. The stroller also provides a good amount of safety. But picking the right baby stroller can be a very tedious job, don’t worry; we have brought you the list of Best Baby Strollers In India 2021.

Top 5 Best Baby Strollers In India 2021
Top 5 Best Baby Strollers In India 2021

Things to watch before buying a baby stroller?

Weight: To apply less force while pushing, you need a lighter stroller. There are now light strollers available in the market, which weighs around 3-4 kgs. A good weight stroller weighs about 5-7 Kgs.

What features it provides? Once your baby gets old enough, you need a bar on the front side of the stroller. Which gets shut if the baby tries it climb by himself or herself. The bar also provides safety to the baby from falling.

Wheels: The wheels are an important factor in a stroller that should not neglect; the wheels’ good quality with locking technique is very.

Let’s get started with the best baby strollers in India 2021; these products are handpicked for your baby, keeping all the circumstances in mind.

Best Baby Strollers In India

1.   LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids, 0-3 Years (Sky Blue)

LuvLapLuvLap Sunshine Stroller_Pram, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby_Kids, 0-3 Years (Sky Blue)-Sunshine-Stroller_Pram-Easy-Fold-for-Newborn-Baby_Kids-0-3-Years-Sky-Blue
LuvLap Sunshine Stroller_Pram, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby_Kids, 0-3 Years (Sky Blue)

Luvlap emphasis on child’s safety and brought you the LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids, 0-3 Years (Sky Blue). This stroller comes for babies whose ages are between 0 -3 months. This product is a value for money product and also Amazon’s choice. It has all the features that a stroller should have. The LuvLap offers ten different colors.

Starting with the handle, which can reverse and allows you to see your baby’s face. This ensures two things one, and the baby is always under your vision, and the others help increase the bond between child and mother. 

Looking at the safety, the stroller comes with a 3 point safety harness to keep your baby safe; the harness is around the chest and between the legs, which ensures that the baby doesn’t slide off or dry to get out of the stroller. The stroller has three positions adjustable seat recline, allowing three positions to sit up, rest, and sleep.

  • • Wheel brakes
  • • Large storage basket at the bottom.
  • • 360-degree swivel-able wheels.
  • • Footrest.
  • • Less cushion.

2.   R for Rabbit Stroller Rock N Roll – The Rocking Baby Stroller and Pram 


The stroller ride for your new little member is going to be the best ride with the R for Rabbit Stroller Rock N Roll – The Rocking Baby Stroller and Pram, the stylish curves and pooping colors make your child’s ride awesome. This stroller is certified for safety with Rock & Roll safety given to your baby; it is also tested for the crash test. The R Rabbit stroller offers three-color black, blue, and yellow black.

The stroller is easily foldable and can fold with one hand using the smart mechanism, which is very smooth and easy to use. The stroller comes with two in one option where it can work and both stroller and rocker. With just a three-fold mechanism it gets so compact to store even in the smallest place.

There are four big wheels with 360-degree rotation and with excellent suspension. You can easily take it on pavements, medium-length grass, mud, and gravel, keeping your child seated comfortably at all times! The stroller will complement the mom’s fashion accessories.

  • • Multiple recline seats.
  • • Light weight
  • • One fold mechanism.
  • • Five-point harness.
  • • Assembling of the rear wheel is not easy.

3.   R for Rabbit Stroller Chocolate Ride Stylish Baby Stroller and Pram


Another product in the list of the Best Baby Strollers In India 2021 is, R for Rabbit Stroller Chocolate Ride Stylish Baby Stroller and Pram, the strollers are EN 1888 certified, which are amongst then strict standards certification under the European standards while ensuring utmost safety of your baby. Every minor part is considered in this product. The product weighs around 11.4Kgs.

The front-wheel suspension is designed in such a way that it gives the baby the smoothest ride ever. The suspension is designed specially designed for tough roads in India. 6.5-inch front wheels to swivel or to lock for long strolling.

The unique fold is so easy to do; just lift the pull button and push and strollers’ folds itself. The reversible handle helps you to see the baby while strolling, and the one brake system locks the stroller with the tap of your field.

  • • Unique design and compact
  • • Fold with just two steps.
  • • Cup holder with meal tray
  • • Poor cushioning

4.   LuvLap Starshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold for Newborn Baby/Kids


This Luvlap stroller is highly recommended for newborn babies. While keeping safety in mind. This stroller gets easily accompanies your baby and gives them the proper luxury. The ergonomic design provides good comfort for the baby. The product weighs around 19Kgs, with a height of 105m and depth of 57cm, and width of 81 cm.

The product offers an adjustable footrest, and you can choose a comfortable position for your baby. The soft cushion seat provides great comfort and similar warmth of your arms to the baby. The canopy which comes with the stroller protects the infant from the harsh sunlight and winds.

The basket can accommodate quite a few accessories so that your hand free when you are taking the baby out for a stroll. It is especially helpful while shopping with your baby, so you don’t have to worry about where to put the packages. The back pocket is also very useful to avoid essential bags.

  • • Detachable cushion seat.
  • • Spacious storage bucket.
  • • Reversible Handlebar.
  • • No room for hanging toys.

5.   LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram, Extra Large Seating Space, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids, 0-3 Years


With over 2,000+ reviews on Amazon India, the Luvlap galaxy stroller has grabbed our list’s fifth position. The stroller nest is highly comfortable, which goes under multiple quality checks before dispatching to you. The High-quality cushion gives an amazing experience to both the parents and baby.

The items’ dimension is as followed 78 cm in length, 54.2 in width, and 26 cm in height. The weight of the stroller is 12kgs, which is made of aluminum. The cushion foam is made up of Eva foam which provides high comfort.

The Luvlap galaxy stroller has extra-large spacing for kids between the ages of a few months to three years. The three recline positions are available, where one offers 108 degrees of recline for sleeping. The front-wheel brakes can be easily operated with foot and can also be locked for uneven surfaces.

  • • Easy to assemble.
  • • Food tray available.
  • • Premium look.
  • • Heavy comparable with the other strollers.


That concludes our list of Best Baby Strollers In India 2021 that we have handpicked to give you an amazing choice of strollers that you can buy right now for your newborn baby. We advise you to go for our first choice LuvLap Sunshine Stroller/Pram, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids, 0-3 Years as it has the best features and design for budget-friendly, And if you are ready to spend a few more bucks you can go with the LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram, Extra Large Seating Space, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids, 0-3 Years for your baby.

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